Pura Vida

The Pure Life

In Spanish, Pura Vida means ‘Pure Life.’  When it came to Costa Rica, this country’s motto did not fall short.  While in Costa Rica we got a taste of it.  From the local Ticos, environment, and wildlife – all the way to its coffee and food, Costa Rica served up bottomless pure life.

All forms of life were buzzing with vibrance, yet totally relaxed and grounded.  Respect, honor and pride were among the sentiments of the “local air.”  The waves were forgiving, offering beginner surfers a shot at tapping into the pure life experience that surfers will fight over waves for.  Wildlife and nature were tuned in like the radio frequencies of popular FM stations, and life in the jungle, or at the beach would transport you straight into a Conan the Barbarian or Tarzan film.

The pure life may only be what many of us Westerners can only imagine or experience through movies and wildlife videos, but life in Costa Rica is only the Pura Vida way everyday.

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I am a non-practicing psychotherapist with a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I will be working towards licensure after our travels. During our journey through Mexico and Central and South America I’m exploring other cultural and community value systems and environmental and relational dynamics that influence mental health and happiness. I am also writing a book about anger. The book includes research collected throughout my clinical and academic studies in psychology, as well as personal thoughts and life experiences as a heavy metal musician, and other’s thoughts on and/or experiences with anger.

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