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The Richness of Costa Rica

In Spanish Costa means ‘coast’ and Rica means ‘rich, delicious and/or tasty.’  Costa Rica was by far a rich coast that was hard to rival.  Comparing the countries we had been to and the experiences we’d had in them had been like comparing mangos to papayas, or Tres Leches to Tiramisu.  It has been hard to pick […]

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Pura Vida

In Spanish, Pura Vida means ‘Pure Life.’  When it came to Costa Rica, this country’s motto did not fall short.  While in Costa Rica we got a taste of it.  From the local Ticos, environment, and wildlife – all the way to its coffee and food, Costa Rica served up bottomless pure life. All forms of life […]

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The Magic of Mexico

It’s hard to believe that our adventures in Mexico are coming to a close.  The time has flown by since we set off on our journey to Ushuaia, Argentina over 2 months ago.  Yet, it feels like we’ve been here forever.  Truly, time has flown by and it has stood still at the same time.  Mexico has surprised us and left us with a […]

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Oaxaca Bound

We’re on our way to Oaxaca. It’s been a bit chilly in the northern and central regions of Mexico, and we’re excited to be heading to warmer climate. The small towns of Mineral de Pozos, Patzcuaro and Valle de Bravo have been charming and authentic with welcoming locals and incredible food. The roads have been […]

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Getting Unstuck

It appears we have lifted the Boulder Valley Curse of Chief Niwot (fingers crossed, curse uncrossed). After a detour to the mechanic to fix a bolt that had come loose in the rocker panel of Thor’s engine, we headed to Moab, Utah to take an off-road driving course with John Marshall of Coyote Adventures. An […]

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A Boulder Valley Curse?

This is us! Getting ready to leave! Just moments before our truck began rattling and spewing exhaust out the tailpipe… Karl thought, “why this bad luck?!” Leah chalked it all up to the “Boulder Valley Curse” of Chief Niwot. In order to break the curse, one must eat dirt from the land. Did we? Or […]

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A Colder Boulder Send-Off

Boulder sent us off in a flurry with an arctic storm that blew in on our first day without our home on the ground. Our snow-smitten winter pup, Oz was beside himself for this send-off, and the opportunity to experience one last romp in the snow before we head south for the winter!

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Picking Up Our Rig Pt. 2

After sitting in the “Bardo” for almost a year after placing our order, we are finally going to pick up our rig, “Sif & Thor.” Our trip is finally becoming a reality, and it has truly felt like a gestation process. Stay tuned!

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Picking Up Our Rig Pt. 1

A Trip to Grass Valley, CA   We took a trip to see our unborn expedition vehicle “Sif & Thor.” Progress was looking good. All there was left to do was fly back home and patiently grit our teeth through the labor pains of waiting for the delivery date.

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