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A Call

What is a call?  I consider a call to be something that one feels driven to move towards.  It typically has no rhyme or reason, but it feels that it must be paid attention to and acted upon (barring anything illegal or inhumane). I have been fortunate enough to have a strong calling a majority […]

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Being in nature is the best way to slow down, get grounded and become present to life.  A walk in a forest, some time near a body of water, climbing on rocks in canyon lands… even if for a small amount of time.   Being an empath, I am particularly sensitive to the types of […]

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Daily Rituals

Over time, I’ve found that rituals not only help me cultivate my intuition, they also keep my mind in a better place.  I feel less vulnerable from and more tolerant to outside distractions, and more at peace with what is. For me, ritual means having a consistent daily routine.  My rituals consist of “clearing,” meditation, […]

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Listening to My Gut

There are many things to consider when traveling to foreign countries.  One of the most important things to consider is safety.  One can never be fully prepared for the unexpected.  This is why it will never hurt to pack your gut (and not with food :-).   Our gut, otherwise known as our ‘intuition’ is […]

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Keeping it Clean

A very important practice in my life at home and on the road is keeping a clean environment.  This consists of several things (not excluding daily rituals).  Keeping a clean house (body, mind and spirit): eat right, exercise, practice mindfulness and keep a clean space. Starting the Day: Before I look at my phone or […]

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I brought 5 books with me on this journey.  Two are books on the practice of yoga, because I would like to learn more about yoga (and maybe even practice more :).  They are: “The Yoga of Mindfulness: A Buddhist Path for Body and Mind” by Asokananda (Harald Brust), and “Namaslay: Rock Your Yoga Practice, […]

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