A Call

To Be (called), or Not to Be

What is a call?  I consider a call to be something that one feels driven to move towards.  It typically has no rhyme or reason, but it feels that it must be paid attention to and acted upon (barring anything illegal or inhumane).

I have been fortunate enough to have a strong calling a majority of my life. As a result I’ve kept a steady vision towards my passions; whether driven from ego, creativity and/or a greater purpose (or all of the above).  Without them, it’s doubtful I’d be here today.

The journey we are on right now (Guided by Wolves) was not one of those calls, though it came to me as one of my husband’s calls.  Although it was not mine, I felt a call to listen to his.  Together we hope to utilize this opportunity to sharpen our senses to a grander call.

My own personal call on this journey is to learn how to slow down, be here ‘now’, and to look even further within.  I am also taking this opportunity to utilize my creative resources and write a book on anger (the flip side of depression); a goal I have been working towards since 2014.  

In my own experience, the lack of a call, purpose, or a goal can turn into a recipe for depression.  I’ve experienced it myself in the voids, or bardo states of transition.  We all need to feel a sense of purpose.  Even greater, we need to feel a sense of connection to something.

I feel connected to the topics I write about, and in turn I feel called to write about them.  I love to hear and read about others experiences on these topics.  Please feel free to connect with me if you feel inspired.  What is your call?  How do you find it?  How do you know it’s YOURS?

I’m currently reading a book on this topic.  It’s called, “Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life” by Gregg Levoy.  I’m a quarter through the book, and of course, it’s simply synchronistic timing.  Pick it up if you are searching and you are already somewhere deep.  


I am a non-practicing psychotherapist with a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I will be working towards licensure after our travels. During our journey through Mexico and Central and South America I’m exploring other cultural and community value systems and environmental and relational dynamics that influence mental health and happiness. I am also writing a book about anger. The book includes research collected throughout my clinical and academic studies in psychology, as well as personal thoughts and life experiences as a heavy metal musician, and other’s thoughts on and/or experiences with anger.

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