Daily Rituals

Not Optional

Over time, I’ve found that rituals not only help me cultivate my intuition, they also keep my mind in a better place.  I feel less vulnerable from and more tolerant to outside distractions, and more at peace with what is.

For me, ritual means having a consistent daily routine.  My rituals consist of “clearing,” meditation, gratitude, and setting intentions.  Keeping my rituals while traveling poses more of a challenge, but I’ve learned that it’s during these times it’s most important.

After a few weeks of being on the road, and feeling particularly vulnerable to the changing environments, I realized that I needed to figure out a way to re-integrate my daily rituals at home into daily life in a camper on the go.

It has taken a concerted effort (and continues to do so without a space cultivated by time and familiar).  Though, after a week of re-integration I began to feel more myself and back on track.  My daily rituals are like brushing my teeth, sleeping and eating.  They are not optional.  


I am a non-practicing psychotherapist with a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I will be working towards licensure after our travels. During our journey through Mexico and Central and South America I’m exploring other cultural and community value systems and environmental and relational dynamics that influence mental health and happiness. I am also writing a book about anger. The book includes research collected throughout my clinical and academic studies in psychology, as well as personal thoughts and life experiences as a heavy metal musician, and other’s thoughts on and/or experiences with anger.

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