Young Grasshopper

by Oz

So far, this trip has been great for my overall well-being.  As an extrovert, I’m often refueled connecting with a broader community.  I also find a lot of time for myself, and for my frisbee.  I get a little “off” when we are on the go a lot, but life gets boring when we stay in one place for too long.  I guess it’s all about finding the balance.

My mom finds her balance sitting around.  She calls it, “meditating.”  I sit too, but only for a treat.  Sometimes she puts herself into a pretzel on a mat.  She calls it, ‘yoga’.  I put myself into a pretzel too.  This practice is also set with an intention: to clean (but only one chakra).  Dad thinks it’s gross.

Like my dad, I find balance through exercise.  I definitely see the benefits.  I’ve sharpened my skills at catching flies (like in Karate Kid).  If you show me a firework that can make me flinch, I’ll show you my tail.  I still occasionally “lose it” from time to time and rush a stranger, but I still think I’m passed the “Young Grasshopper” stage.

Speaking of young grasshoppers, did you know that the locals in Mexico eat grasshoppers for snacks?  They’re called, ‘Chapulines.’  I guess it just goes to show: everyone of us is made in the image of doG regardless of different practices.  You say, “chapuline;”  I say, “TREAT!”


I am a 2-year old Australian Shepherd. I am also an entertainer and explorer with a focus on connecting with broader communities of dogs and people. I particularly love frisbee, swimming, trail running and TREATS!

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