January 2019


The Magic of Mexico

It’s hard to believe that our adventures in Mexico are coming to a close.  The time has flown by since we set off on our journey to Ushuaia, Argentina over 2 months ago.  Yet, it feels like we’ve been here forever.  Truly, time has flown by and it has stood still at the same time.  Mexico has surprised us and left us with a […]

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Traveling with Your Partner

When telling others about our year (or so) long trip to Argentina in our camper, one of the most frequent comments we heard was about spending a lot of time together in small quarters, amongst the other concerns related to the stress of traveling and its potential impact on a relationship.  We’d had enough successful […]

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Young Grasshopper

So far, this trip has been great for my overall well-being.  As an extrovert, I’m often refueled connecting with a broader community.  I also find a lot of time for myself, and for my frisbee.  I get a little “off” when we are on the go a lot, but life gets boring when we stay […]

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A Call

What is a call?  I consider a call to be something that one feels driven to move towards.  It typically has no rhyme or reason, but it feels that it must be paid attention to and acted upon (barring anything illegal or inhumane). I have been fortunate enough to have a strong calling a majority […]

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