August 2019


Pursuing Shorter Overland (or Backpacking) Adventures

In our opinion, overlanding is one of the best ways to pursue some of the best adventures in the world, including off-the-beaten-path adventures. But historically, we as a culture haven’t had the time to overland. And we recognize that many people don’t, or won’t have the time to overland during their next adventure. I thought […]

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Overlanding the Middle of the World

Sometimes we find ourselves measuring the distance of our journey by the amount of border crossings we have completed; other times by the amount of time that has gone by.  But there is no measuring magic, like the magic that happens when we cross that invisible territory line and are once again teleported into a different world.  […]

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A Dog’s Overlanding Life

During our journey, many have asked us, what’s it like traveling with me?  For me, our journey has been a once in a lifetime adventure.  So far, I’ve been to 10 new countries.  And I’ve connected with all sorts of different people.  My deepest connections have been with other humans like the 6-year old Swiss […]

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