November 2019


A Legend Worth His Salt

I first visited Bolivia 25 years ago.  Back then the country was very indigenous and very poor.  But to me, it was the most fascinating country in South America, not only because of these factors, but also because it was full of once and a lifetime adventures that very few foreigners (or locals) had pursued.  […]

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Power to the People

“Expect the unexpected, and you’ll be fine.”  This is common advice for people embarking on an overlanding expedition through South America.  It would be true for any adventure that involves a lot of driving, but it’s especially true when traveling in less developed countries where laws and regulations can be non-existent and infrastructure and resources […]

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Salty Dog

Yesterday I heard my parents talking about a post in the Panamerican Travelers forum.  In it, a member had asked a question.  To sum it up, he asked whether anyone on the forum had concluded that overlanding wasn’t their “cup of tea” after doing it for a while.  In response, our friend James (also an […]

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