April 2019


The Richness of Costa Rica

In Spanish Costa means ‘coast’ and Rica means ‘rich, delicious and/or tasty.’  Costa Rica was by far a rich coast that was hard to rival.  Comparing the countries we had been to and the experiences we’d had in them had been like comparing mangos to papayas, or Tres Leches to Tiramisu.  It has been hard to pick […]

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Pura Vida

In Spanish, Pura Vida means ‘Pure Life.’  When it came to Costa Rica, this country’s motto did not fall short.  While in Costa Rica we got a taste of it.  From the local Ticos, environment, and wildlife – all the way to its coffee and food, Costa Rica served up bottomless pure life. All forms of life […]

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Oz’s Top 10

It seems like top 10 lists are cool (at least on blogs and websites) so I’ll give it a go.  My top 10 list is a bit deferent than my parent’s.  Their’s are focused on crazy adventures in the jungle and hippy dippy nature experiences involving cool birds or weird mammals.  I don’t get to […]

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Having a Vision

While in Costa Rica, I spent a lot of time with two different friends who moved to Costa Rica 25 years ago when they were in their late 20s.  Having been an expat twice (although never in a third world country) I know that there are specific challenges that expats face in each country.  And from the […]

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Welcome to the Jungle

Costa Rica is known for its diverse and rare wildlife, so we figured this would be one the best areas to focus our energy while spending time here.  Our first landing in the country consisted of exploring trails in the jungles and cloud forests of Santa Elena near the Monteverde region.  On our first excursion […]

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