March 2019


Planning a Trip to A “Discovered” Country

The last time I visited Costa Rica was in the late 80s.  As we prepare to move onto Costa Rica, I realized that I’ve spent more time planning our one month trip to Costa Rica than I spent planning our trip to any other country including Mexico, where we spent 2 months, and Guatemala, where […]

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Don’t Go There. It’s Not Safe. You’ll Die.

The last time we were in Nicaragua we flew in just as Tropical Storm Nate was preparing to make its surprise visit.  We arranged to have an adventure-themed wedding at the Mango Rosa Adventure Travel and Surf Resort, where we had our first adventure together.  We wanted our guests to experience Nica as we first […]

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Dogs Without Borders

Crossing the borders of El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua was a little sketchy.  First, the vet in Guatemala said it would cost us $300 to get my health certification into these countries.  He told us it wasn’t really worth it.  So, I had to cross some borders illegally.  I didn’t like being stuck behind a […]

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The Real Story of Acul, Guatemala

One of the things we love the most about getting off of the beaten path is meeting amazing people with incredible stories.  For 10 days we stayed a small indigenous village in the Ixil region of Guatemala at the end of a valley in the Sierra de Los Cuchumatanes Mountain range.  While we were there, […]

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To Be Real

Guatemala struck movement in the depths of my soul, similar to the low rumble of the active volcanos that have surrounded us.  I knew that we would witness much poverty, and what many would classify as oppression.  I knew that at times my heart would feel pressed between a pair of vice grips, and that […]

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It Takes a Village to Raise a Dog

During our travels I’ve had the opportunity to call many places home.  Home has been in villages, cities, jungles, and nature reserves… on beaches, lakes and farms.  I’ve made a lot of new friends in these places that I now consider family; humans, animals and dogs alike.  Almost every place we stay, I am taken […]

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