Guided by Oz

Guided by Oz

“Adventures of Oz”

Welcome to my “Guided by Wolves” page. I’m excited to share my experiences in connecting to a broader community of dogs, people and random domesticated and wild animals.

About Me

I’m a 2 year old Australian Shepard, labeled as “male.” I am missing my tail and am still looking for it (apparently, it’s how I’m supposed to look). I’m very social. I talk a lot. And I have a passion for frisbee, swimming and TREATS!

P.S. (PawScript) The perspectives and experiences expressed in my blogs should not be representative of those of my parents. I am of my own dog.

My Blog

I like to write about my adventures en route to the tip of Argentina. I’m no salty dog (even though I swim in the ocean a lot), but I do have some salt of the earth to share. If you like what you read, please feel free to throw me a bone and connect with me online by commenting and/or sharing your side of the fence with me.

My Photos

My dad likes to take pictures. He takes a lot of me too. Here are some pictures along our journey so far.

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