January 2020


Endings and New Beginnings

As we prepared for our trip back to Boulder, I thought about what we’ve experienced and learned on this trip, and I knew that our journey had changed my future.  During our trip I thought a lot about my dreams and purpose in life, including how to create more synergy between my personal and professional […]

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The Happy End… of the World

The idea of taking a year off and traveling to South America came out of an instinct Karl had soon after we got married.  I was gearing up to complete my master’s degree program and begin a new career.  He was nearing a decade and a half at a company that was now changing directions. […]

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The End of the Tail

Wow, what a journey this has been.  At first I thought the journey was about finding my tail.  Then, I came to realize it was about not chasing my tail.  Only to come to realize in the end, it was simply about listening to and giving voice to it.  My parents always wondered why I […]

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