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I am a 2-year old Australian Shepherd. I am also an entertainer and explorer with a focus on connecting with broader communities of dogs and people. I particularly love frisbee, swimming, trail running and TREATS!

The End of the Tail

Wow, what a journey this has been.  At first I thought the journey was about finding my tail.  Then, I came to realize it was about not chasing my tail.  Only to come to realize in the end, it was simply about listening to and giving voice to it.  My parents always wondered why I […]

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Salty Dog

Yesterday I heard my parents talking about a post in the Panamerican Travelers forum.  In it, a member had asked a question.  To sum it up, he asked whether anyone on the forum had concluded that overlanding wasn’t their “cup of tea” after doing it for a while.  In response, our friend James (also an […]

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Tales of a Lost Tail

I’ve been suffering over my own suffering with loss my tail since I was 4-days old.  The affects of this loss shaped my mission to find it on this journey.  I learned a lot about this mission in Peru.  But the truth is, I didn’t find my tail in this country; what I found was […]

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A Dog’s Overlanding Life

During our journey, many have asked us, what’s it like traveling with me?  For me, our journey has been a once in a lifetime adventure.  So far, I’ve been to 10 new countries.  And I’ve connected with all sorts of different people.  My deepest connections have been with other humans like the 6-year old Swiss […]

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost

When we set out on this expedition I thought it would be a great opportunity to go on a Tail Quest.  I haven’t seen my tail since I was 4-days old, and I’d love to be able to show it to people so they don’t think I am crazy.  I swear it used to be […]

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Oz’s Top 10

It seems like top 10 lists are cool (at least on blogs and websites) so I’ll give it a go.  My top 10 list is a bit deferent than my parent’s.  Their’s are focused on crazy adventures in the jungle and hippy dippy nature experiences involving cool birds or weird mammals.  I don’t get to […]

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Dogs Without Borders

Crossing the borders of El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua was a little sketchy.  First, the vet in Guatemala said it would cost us $300 to get my health certification into these countries.  He told us it wasn’t really worth it.  So, I had to cross some borders illegally.  I didn’t like being stuck behind a […]

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It Takes a Village to Raise a Dog

During our travels I’ve had the opportunity to call many places home.  Home has been in villages, cities, jungles, and nature reserves… on beaches, lakes and farms.  I’ve made a lot of new friends in these places that I now consider family; humans, animals and dogs alike.  Almost every place we stay, I am taken […]

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Cookoo for Coconuts in the Carribean

One of my favorite things about this trip has been the coconuts.  I love coconuts!  It all started with coconut oil when I was young.  There were a lot of coconuts in Mexico, and just as many in the Caribbean.  The places we have stayed have coconuts in the trees and on the ground.  Even […]

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Young Grasshopper

So far, this trip has been great for my overall well-being.  As an extrovert, I’m often refueled connecting with a broader community.  I also find a lot of time for myself, and for my frisbee.  I get a little “off” when we are on the go a lot, but life gets boring when we stay […]

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