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December 29, 2018

While we were on our way from the Oaxaca to Chiapas, we reminisced about the amazing beaches on the Oaxaca coast.  We love two types of beaches, beautiful deserted beaches and up and coming beach towns.  We found both types on the Oaxaca Coast.  Huge stretches of the Oaxaca Coast are largely deserted and we found some beautiful beaches north of Zipolite and south of Puerto Escondido.  One one of these beaches in Chacahua National Park, we ran into a park ranger who let us release 200 baby turtles onto the beach as the sun was setting.  On another, we did a 15K run in the morning at sunrise, surrounded by hundreds of Egrets, Herons and Pelicans.

We also spent a few days in Zipolite, an up and coming beach town.  To us, the best beach towns are towns with a beautiful beach that have been discovered by interesting people from around the world, but are still largely off the beaten path.  Zipolite is a classic example.  It’s been discovered by artists and nudists from around the world (Zipolite is the only beach in Mexico where nudism is legal).  And it has a small handful of great restaurants and mezcalerias.  But Zipolite is hard to get to, and is not frequented by backpackers.  So it still has charm, even magic, that other towns that are highlighted in Lonely Planet Guides have lost. 

Check out our OAXACA TRIP REPORT for more information on our trip to the Oaxaca Coast and Oaxaca Valley!

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